Oh my gosh...Kali, your write-up brought tears to my eyes, but not as much as these pictures! These are AMAZING! I knew we picked the right photographer from day one, but these are better than I could have hoped for!

Now that I have had a couple of days to catch my breath I want you to know what a fantastic job you did with the pictures. I just appreciated the way that you were so professional and yet so unobtrusive. I hardly knew you were around. I loved everything about your amazing talent. Thank you so much.

Kali, Dan and I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing photographer for our wedding. You truly captured our wedding in an amazing way!
- Dan & Katie

I just went to my friend's wedding in SLC this weekend and it made me so grateful that you were my photographer! Hers was not exactly as good as you. :) I had to come home and look through all of our pictures again today because they are just SO good. And you are so much fun to work with and just made the whole picture experience fun and easy.
So thanks again for doing such an amazing job! I am in love with these photos and they perfectly capture the emotions of the day.  You are fabulous!!!!
- Steph

Thank you for a beautiful job! We made a great discovery finding you. Not only are you a great photographer but a lovely women who feels like part of our family. I will find another reason to get together with you again! Love you Kali.

Brett and I absolutely love these pictures! You did such an amazing job! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in front of the temple! The lighting and everything is just stunning!
-Kristen & Brett